Governmental Documents:

Below are a number of documents and ordinances that help define governmental affairs in and around Briley Township. Buttons to the left will also take you to recent meeting minutes.

Blight Elimination Ordinance

Ordinance to prevent, reduce or eliminate blight and potential blight in the township.

Briley Township Master Plan

Outlines the goals, objectives and stategies for future development in Briley Township.

Cemetery Fee Schedule

Full list of cemetery fees.

Cemetery Ordinance

Ordinance regulate operation, control, and management of cemeteries in the Township.

Dangerous Building Ordinance

Ordinance to regulate the maintenance and safety of buildings.

Electric Franchise Agreement

Agreement to allow Great Lakes Energy Cooperative to provide electric service in the Township.

Electronic Data Transmission Tower Ordinance

Ordinance to regulate electronic data transmission towers.

Fire Department Charges Ordinance

Ordinance to establish fees for the Tri-Township Fire Department.


Excerpt from the Freedom of Information Act.

FOIA Request for Records

Freedom of Information Act Request for Records Form.

FOIA Appeal Form

Freedom of Information Act Appeal Form.

FOIA Public Inspection Policy

Freedom of Information Act Public Inspection Policy.

Land Division and Recreation Ordinance

Ordinance to regulate the partitioning of land parcels in Briley Township.

Montmorency County Master Plan

This document describes the conditions and resources in Montmorency County, and outlines future goals and objectives for development.

Ordinance Enforcement Office Ordinance

Establishes the office of Ordinance Enforcement Officer.

Ordinance Enforcement Policy

Polcies and proceedures for the enforcment of township ordinances.

Parking Ordinance

Ordinance to regulate parking in downtown Atlanta.

Prohibition of Marihuana Establishments Ordinance

Ordinance prohibiting marihauna establishments.

Parks and Recreation Ordinance

Ordinance to regulate the use of parks in Briley Township.

Recreation Plan

Outlines the future recreation improvment plans for the township.

Skateboarding Ordinance

Ordinance to regulate the use of skateboards in the township.

Water Contingency Plan

List of contact information for persons and organizations who will be contacted in the event of a water quality emergency.

Water Cross Connection Ordinance

Regulations for cross connections to the municipal water system.

Water Fee Schedule

Full list of water service fees.

Waterfront Master Plan

Plan to improve the overall recrational opportunities along public portions of the Thunder Bay Riverfront.

Water Ordinance

Ordinance to regulate the sale and distribution of water from the Briley Township municipal water system.

Water Ordinance Addendum

Article VII - Protection from Damages - Section 8. Adopted November 7, 2019.

Water Quality Report Posting

Instructions to request a copy of the Water Quality Report.

Water Quality Report

Reports on the water quality for the Briley Township municipal water system.

Water Policy Statement

Defines the terms of service for residents who connect to the municipal water system.

Zoning Ordinance

Ordinance to provide for the establishment of zoning districts; to encourage and regulat the use of land and location of buildings.

Zoning Ordinance - Amendment 2019

Ammendment to Water Ordinance, passed July 17, 2019.

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