Committees and Boards

Zoning Board of Appeals:
 Jason Armock, Chairperson
 Kevin Brinker, Alternate

Board of Review:
 Richard Ritter, Chairperson
 Tom Weber, Member
 Ken Werner, Secretary (not a voting member)
 Diane Ives

Planning Commission:
 Gordon Green, Commissioner
 Marc Edwards, Chairperson
 Keith Grant, Commissioner
 Phil LaMore, Commissioner
 Dan Kent, Commissioner

Tri-Township Fire Board:
 Dave Utt, Fire Chief
 Dale LaClair, Chairperson
 Elsie Bixel, Secretary
 Ken Werner, Member
 Lou Mulholland, Member
 Elva Duncan, Member
 Tom Coburn, Member

Airport Board:
 Dale Laclair, Airport Manager (not a voting member)
 Vanessa Werner, Member
 Robin Ross, Member
 Tom Weber, Member
 Tom Mortin, Member

Tri-Township Ambulance Board:
 Jodi VanOppen, Operations Manager (Non-Board Member)
 Beau Williams, Chairperson
 Thom Seymour, Vice Chair
 Evelyn White, Member
 Wilma Wolters, Member
 Charlotte Allen, Member
 Connie Danks, Member
 Diane Webber, Member
 Faye Erving, Member

Briley Township Recruitment Guide for Boards & Commissions

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