Committees and Boards

Zoning Board of Appeals:
 Jason Armock, Chairperson
 Kevin Brinker, Alternate

Board of Review:
 Richard Ritter, Chairperson
 Tom Weber
 Ken Werner
 Craig Smith

Planning Commission:
 Gordon Green
Marc Edwards, Chairperson
 Keith Grant
 Phil LaMore
 Dan Kent

Tri-Township Fire Board:
 Dale LaClair, Chairperson
 Dawn Dobbyn
 Ken Werner
 Lou Mulholland
 Carol LaClair
 Tom Coburn

Airport Board:
 Dale LaClair, Chairperson
 Vanessa Werner
 Robin Ross
 Tom Weber
 Tom Morton

Tri-Township Ambulance Board:
 Beau Williams, Chairperson
 Thom Seymour
 Evelyn White
 Wilma Wolters
 Nancy Mantz
 Connie Danks
 Diane Webber
 Peggy Bush

Briley Township Recruitment Guide for Boards & Commissions

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