Economic Development

Business Development

Briley Township works extensively with the local Atlanta Chamber office and the MEDC to provide as much information as possible to those interested in doing business in the township. We welcome new business and will do everything we can to assist in locating your business in Briley Township.

We believe that we have assembled a team that can assist you with your business planning efforts and decision-making process. Together we can work to continue to make all commercial businesses a viable and vibrant part of our community.

Briley Township

A Good Place to Do Business

Whether already established in a business, about to begin your own business, or planning to move your business here, you’ll find Briley Township dedicated to making your business a success. Montmorency County is a great place to work and do business. Buildings are safe, businesses are vital, neighborhoods are attractive, and the quality of life is good.

The township staff is ready to help you and is awaiting your call. Please contact our office at 989-785-4050 with any questions.

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